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At Miesko Pilates we don’t just teach regular Pilates, we offer holistic Pilates classes that connect your body, mind, and heart. If you want to take good care of yourself, this holistic approach is a necessity.

When you move with full focus, you will start noticing new things in your body. Muscles activate and you feel tension in places you never felt tension before. With more body awareness, you will have better control of your body. When working on improving your physique, the mind body connection is very important.

Pilates at Miesko is an alternative for regular sports activities. We work like the traditional Pilates method but approach it in a more holistic way.

DOES this sound familiar


  • Your back feels very tight when you wake up
  • You feel the need to stretch your body all the time because it feels very tight
  • You suffer from incontinence after hip surgery or after childbirth
  • You have throbbing or sharp pains in your back
  • You have tension complaints in shoulders and neck
  • You feel clicks in your hips, knees, or ankles
  • You have recurring pains in your body
  • You have shallow breathing and feel rushed constantly
  • You want to work on your posture
  • You are looking for an alternative for regular sports activities
  • You don’t feel comfortable at a gym

Do you feel a disconnection in your body, or have other physical complaints, and want to feel stronger again?

A few years ago, you felt completely fit and strong. You were able to do whatever you wanted. You exercised on a regular basis, went to festivals, played with your children, and enjoyed long nights out with friends. Suddenly an annoying pain surfaced that did not go away.

For the first few weeks you still think it will heal by itself, but after a few months you realize it won’t. You notice that you are canceling appointments more often because your body is not cooperating. You’ve already been to the physical therapist who gave you several exercises. When you lie down on your mat at home, you don’t know where to start. Maybe buying your mat is still on your to do list. In the meantime, doubts increase as to what the cause of your complaints is, and you sometimes feel despondent.

Waking up in the morning with a tight feeling body is not normal (unless you are 80). Like feeling a lingering pain all the time. It’s not how our bodies are built, really! It’s bizarre how quickly we start to see discomfort as normal. But pain is not normal, your body does not like pain and your head does not like it at all either.

Stress and tension complaints may seem like a part of your life, but our system is not made to feel constant stress. Now that many people are still working from home, we hear this a lot from our clients. You may be working at an awkward kitchen table on a chair that is too low or Zoom endlessly in your child’s bunk bed.

Every day we see people who do their utmost to get rid of complaints, but it still doesn’t work and that’s frustrating because it’s not about your willpower.

Stop doing what you’re doing and start with reprogramming your body!


You are going to move your body in an attentive way. Slowly at first and with precision for details so that you get a better feel about what your body needs. Practicing slowly doesn’t mean it’s easy or boring. On the contrary, the details make a simple exercise very intense. 

You don’t like going to the gym, but you do want to strengthen your muscles, stretch, improve your posture and all that without the woolly fuss? Then get moving and start today!

Stop lying on the couch with your back pain! Focus on making your body strong from the inside out!


Do you want some advice? We can help you!
Let us know, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Is this something you recognize?  

  • You want to get stronger.
  • You want to sparkle with energy again.
  • You are very interested in moving on the reformer.
  • You have experience with Pilates.
  • You want to strengthen your core.
  • You want to feel tight and healthy again.
  • You’ve been thinking about getting back to your sports routine for a while.

Then this is the package for you!

Let’s get Energetic ⚡

€ 99

  • 4 group classes in 1 month

And get these gifts

    • 4 group classes with a high discount
    • A 25% discount gift card to use for a private class
Let's go!

This LINK will take you to the Miesko webshop, where you can create your account and buy
the Let’s get energetic package. After this purchase you can book your classes.

Is this something you recognize?  

  • You have mild pain that comes and goes.
  • Your body feels tight and stiff in the morning.
  • You want to feel energized again.
  • You have aches and pains everywhere because of working from home.
  • You have minor pain due to an injury.
  • You would like a 1:1 session before starting a group class.
  • You are new to Pilates. 

Join and meet us for the first month and experience the benefits of Pilates at Miesko.

Feeling Better ✨

€ 127

  • Get acquainted by phone

  •  1 private class

  • 3 group classes in 1 month

And get these gifts

  • Buy 1 private class and 1 group class for €119 and get 2 group classes for free.
  • A 25% discount gift card to use on a second private class.
  • Intake with personal posture analysis.
Let's go!

This LINK will take you to the Miesko webshop, where you can create your account and buy the Feeling Better package. We will contact you by phone within 24 hours, for an introduction.

Is this something you recognize?  

  • You are in constant pain.
  • The pain gets worse during the day.
  • You have been referred by a therapist or doctor.
  • You are recovering from a serious injury.
  • You’ve tried everything, but nothing worked.
  • You have long covid complaints.
  • You want personal advice.

We would be happy to discuss this and help you with tailor-made support.

All about you ❤️

€ 219

  • Get acquainted by phone

  • 3 private classes in 1 month

And get these gifts

  • 3 private classes with a big discount.
  • Intake with personal posture analysis.
  • Month-long tailor-made support.
Let's go!

This LINK will take you to the Miesko webshop, where you can create your account and buy the All About You package. We will contact you by phone within 24 hours, for an introduction.


All group classes at Miesko are in small groups with a maximum of seven people. Everyone gets personal attention, and personal instructions so that you get the most out of each exercise.

After just a few classes you will become aware of how to tighten the right muscles, how to breathe better and how to move more easily in everyday life. Each class is a total experience of a strong and resilient body and a calm mind!



The Restorative Pilates exercises help you to learn to move your body purely so that (pain) complaints can pass. Think of it as reprogramming your body.

The exercises are slower than regular Pilates so that you can feel more deepening. The instructions and exercises offer you a framework within which you will discover for yourself what your body does and needs. It’s about creating new patterns that, most importantly, are pain-free and that also make sense to you. No choreography but doing movements that improve the functionality of your body.

Restorative Pilates classes are a combination of mat, reformer, and connective tissue release massages. These classes are being taught in 2 levels: Beginner and intermediate.




Our group classes are Modern Pilates classes where a combination of mat and reformer exercises are being taught. In the mat repertoire you train based on the basic principle that all movements originate from your spine, your core. The basics ensure that you become strong from within.

As soon as you do the exercises with the reformer, you will notice that the resistance of the springs will give you more support or more of a challenge. We believe that this combination is the best and most effective.

Level 1 = Basic, there is a lot of time to feel and discover.

Level 2 = Intermediate, the class has more flow. You already have basic knowledge of the Pilates technique

Level 3 = Little explanation, more focus on strength, endurance, and coordination.


Prices Group classes


5 lessons per month

€ 139


10 lessons per month

€ 257

Single Lesson


€ 35

5-lesson card

Valid for 6 weeks

€ 165

10-lesson card

Valid for 3 months

€ 299


Private sessions are individual classes tailor-made especially for you based on your goals and wishes. Some teachers work more therapeutically with additional techniques.

Would you like to get acquainted with Pilates at Miesko or are you recovering from an injury, surgery, or childbirth, then private (therapy) sessions are something you could really benefit from.



Prices Private sessions

Single Private lesson


€ 80

5-lesson card

Valid for 3 months

€ 387,50

10-lesson card

Valid for 7 months

€ 750

Single private with marlies


€ 90

10-lesson card with marlies

Valid for 7 months

€ 850

” After the birth of my sons, my back and pelvis suffered a lot. I felt limited in, for example, playing with the children on the floor, because I would be in a lot of pain.

The specific attention to detail that is very individual at Miesko, also in a group class, has been the reason for me that I was able to recover. I became addicted to a life without pain and Pilates at Miesko has been my salvation. This allows me to go about my daily life again!”


” I started Pilates because of elbow, shoulder, and neck complaints. Several teachers at Miesko Pilates have helped, where the physical therapist no longer saw a solution.

Marlies’ classes are person-oriented, pleasant and provide peace of mind. Now I can play tennis pain-free again!”


”I was amazed at all the things I was feeling and continue to feel. Today it feels in my body like there is an old way and a new way. And I have to keep reminding myself that I felt the new way.

I can really see how powerful my sight side is and how I have depended on it for most of my life. If I go toward the left, even just moving in my living room, so much in my heart begins to shift. The moments are very short now but I can sense that with trust I will be able to open up. I see now that I haven’t ‘trusted’ this side of my body.

It all feels right and expansive. Thank you for helping in this discovery!”